One may have come across calendars of a radial arrangement so far, nevertheless, this Anaptár calendar, visualising the data of the Sun and the Moon in a novel fashion, offers far more information than simply enumerating days, and also offers far more recognition. The method of data presentation and visual depiction of the lunar cycle never seen before actually makes astronomic correlations apparent. The development of this brand new system of representing lunar data was inspired by calendars of Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry, Giovanni Battista Agnese and Clipclop. Thanks to the infographic mapping of lunar and solar data requiring exceptional meticulousness, and the unique graphic and typographic solutions, Anaptár provides visual sensation even for beholders who would not pore over the details.
The system of Anaptár applies graphic means in an even visually enjoyable way for depicting the following data: seasons, months, weeks, days, solstices and equinoxes, correction for summer and wintertime (daylight saving time), dawn, sunrise, culmination of the Sun, sunset, dusk, lunar cycles, moonrise, moonset, culmination and declination of the Moon, apogee and perigee.

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