Most of the time, we do not pay close attention to nature, we throw a quick glance and apprehend the big picture, like the meadow, the forest, the garden or the field. What we do not see, is the biodiversity, the richness in species and the natural details, which are fascinating even if they are not perfect. This calendar does pay attention and explores the plant with its small characteristics.
The process starts with a visual petri dish, in which each unique specimen is presented in its original size. In the following, enlargements reveal the different parts, structures and shapes. The calendar has been developed in cooperation with the Foundation for the Botanical Garden in Frankfurt am Main. It starts in March on the occasion of a spring gala to raise money for new projects in the botanical garden.
The enhanced plant parts showcased on the calendar sheets, like flowers, seeds or fruits, have been picked on-site in the greenhouses of the botanical garden by the designers. After picking, the plants have been taken apart and digitized with a microscope. The result is a calendar, which uses the style of historic biological charts and combines them with very modern graphic elements.

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