The design work is to review and present artistic works created by the artist Mr. Yang Yong for his past 38 years. The Works content of this book is divided into three parts according to the types and created years, namely, Commonsense Throughout Four Seasons, Dream Imprinting and Field Painting. On the basis of these three parts, the combination of three folio sizes with different heights is creatively used for the book structure, so as to reflect Mr. Yang Yong’s artistic creation spirit of brave exploration, and continuously climbing the artistic peak. Meanwhile, the paper inside the book is also determined based on the type of works content to reflect tone and texture of the original paintings. Where the elegant green paper is aimed at displaying elegant ink rhyme of calligraphy and Chinese paintings, the semipermeable butter papers are used for small inserts to reflect each individual chapter. The grey envelops and white book covers reflect Mr. Yang Yong’s powerful artistic skills, which also form the contrast shades in uniform.

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