To celebrate its 15th anniversary the Berlin gallery Deutsche+Guggenheim had commissioned a retrospective publication that would be given as a thank you gift to its key stakeholders and exhibiting artists. Its title, VI5IONS, represented a strong, characteristic logo that would combine the name of the first Deutsche+Guggenheim exhibition, “Visions of Paris”, into its anniversary exhibition “Visions of Modernity” to celebrate 15 years of an extraordinary collaboration between the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation and Deutsche Bank.

A concept of “connectivity” can be found throughout the entire design of the publication that mirrors the extensive collaboration between both institutions alongside the contextual interaction between the artists, the building and its visitors. Using overlaid and interwoven content, text systemically flows into itself, while retaining its visibility, yet remains highly organised through its large format and use of space.

With over 250 pages, VI5IONS has been meticulously designed down to every last detail to produce an exquisitely crafted publication of the highest quality that befittingly acknowledges such an enduring and ever-surprising cooperation.

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