We found self-initiate subject in Seoul city. It is shown in graphic art book. 4 artists found messages in subject; everyday media, religion in gold, night culture, near future. We make media in our unique way. I find that those who set up street sales, post flyers, do graffiti, hold demonstrates place the different materials and methods to suit their purposes. They become media templates and my own template. Finally I sent my own media to the city. Gold is not a gold. Gold became power. It is almost modern religion. To imitate that power, people make fake gold around meaningless object. The future that you have imagined is already happening today even though it seems far away from now. What you see, what you touch, what you do, and what you hear now, is what you can simply imagine about the future. This is a book giving you some clues that can be found in everyday life to imagining the future. The city does not dim any longer. When It Becomes dark, the lights turn on one by one. Then, we see in the night along the light. When the darkness comes to the city, ‘Night People’ can finally breathe.

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