This little booklet is dedicated to Nick Cave‘s poetic creations.He’s basically a musician who writes songs but his lyrics can be seen as poems because he writes very dramatically,visually and poetic.In his Lyrics he creates an own world where good and evil exist,where angels and demon are alive&love and despair walk along hand in hand.The illustrations underlines this world with a black and white contrasting.White hatching on black background and vice versa–both extrems play an equal role in Cave’s world.White and black are representing good and evil.An illustration introduces each lyric followed by the whole text on the next double page.The typography on the double pages always reflects how he sings his lyrics,e.g. letters are bold when he yells.Musicians are the modern kind of poets,I think.Cave can be seen as a contemporary poet who communicates his literature through his music.More than almost any other artist,Nick understands how to use “link“(hence words)–that’s why he’s my King Ink.A King in poetry who knows how to create an atmosphere arising pictures,people and stories in front of your eye.All Illustrations were made with ink&the 11 lyrics are random excerpts of his work.

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