‘Warm Modernity’ is a book that acquires a spatial dimension becoming an Exposition about the book itself of an architectural and urban adventure. WM tends to converge different disciplines: by pure research on contemporary issues concerning the origins and the history of Participatory Architecture, through the conception of a graphic design able to mark India’s identity in a globalized World, until a photographic Survey. Have been coordinated the elements by showing an Indian Identity based on elements of the Modernity worldwide recognized. The color code is a warm duotone such as auburn and browns, typical of the Textiles. The Logotype is declined by an original typeface, inspired by Gandhi’s glasses. The typographic code adopt a specific font in the texts. The infographics and the diagrams are useful to transfer historical notions out of the main stream knowledge to common people. The whole Project tell us about India, its imagery together with a restitution of its version of Modernity bottom-up based, likewise globalized. ‘WM’ is a Visual Design Process declined in both, Book and Exhibition, presented at the XXI Triennale, produced by Silvana Publisher and UNIFOR.

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