In the opulently illustrated book, “The Architecture of Wine”, architectural journalist and critic, Dirk Meyhöfer, introduces readers to the most unusual and beautiful wineries in Germany. The illustrated book, with spectacular images by photographer Klaus Frahm, was first published by av edition in 2014. It presents 20 wineries, shaped by renowned architects such as Matteo Thun. In interviews with the architects involved, the author gives them the opportunity to present their own views and tries to understand the ideas behind the brilliant concepts that shaped the wineries. The book allows you to dip into the pleasurable world of wine and to discover where to find fascinating vineyards in heavenly locations.

A book for architects, wine lovers and travellers

“The Architecture of Wine” is aimed at people interested in design, in particular at architects, bon vivants and inveterate travellers. It is just as much for architects who like to spend their evenings leafing through books to find inspiration as for wine lovers who have a peripheral interest in architecture, but who really love travelling. That is because the vineyards depicted in the book are located in exceptional landscapes and are worth visiting just for that reason. Those who want to can use the book as an aid to mapping out an optimal oenological route for their next trip to Germany and enjoy the incredible buildings that await them at their destinations. For the wineries are not just of unusual design, but offer plenty of space for indulgence, relaxation and further journeys of discovery in beautiful surroundings.

Discover brand-new buildings, extensions, modifications to heritage-protected buildings as well as interiors that are all of an appealing design and will tempt you to linger. Many vineyards double as bed and breakfasts, thereby turning wine and architecture into an all-round experience. Thus, “The Architecture of Wine” can also be considered a “wine travel guide”. An article by Peter Huberschmid on the history of winemaking acts as an introduction and separate service pages offer comprehensive information on grape varieties, opening times, wine tastings and overnight accommodation.


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