“deliverance of Design” is a self-promotional publication by cutting-edge structural engineers AKT II, designed by its in-house graphics team. To avoid the often “dry” feel of engineering monographs the team created a contemporary editorial and visual concept reflective of AKT II’s design-led approach.

The book is structured around modern reading habits: trained by internet usage, today’s readers are very selective. Projects were grouped into themes, some combined under a headline and others marked with icons; each opening spread summarises key issues, with links to further facts.

The graphic design combines grid-based order with a slightly geeky, fluid feel. Much of the book – particularly the front and end sections – follows traditional layout rules. The portfolio part, however, was more flexible; no two pages look the same, with components constantly shifting. The most striking features are the project opening pages, printed in metallic tritone to add vibrancy and impact.

For the cover, various diagrams were merged into a symbolic “spark” graphic. The material choice here again reflects AKT II’s unique blend of reliability and originality.

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