The concept of our design: Peikang ChaoTien Temple, which was moved to Taiwan in 1694, is now a Class 2 National Historical site of Taiwan. Matsu is the god which was worshipped there. No matter the pillars with dragon sculptures, the flower sculptures on the window, or the craft of Chien-Nien, these are all very special crafts of Taiwan. When we mention these, people will immediately connect these with the temples in Taiwan, as they are very spectacular and representative in Taiwan. To introduce this a-century-old temple’s beauty and uniqueness, we combine both 3D structures and hand-drawn illustrations to reinterpret it and show it to the readers with some techniques of design, hoping that we can lead the readers to have a good look at these beautiful traditional art craft. The characteristic of our design: 1.We show the structures of the temple with the way of Pop-book , festivals etc. Through this way, it will increase the interest in reading. 2.Through the childish and lively illustrations, it shows the appearance of the religion in Taiwan. 3We used the wood grain as the cover of our book to show the work’s long history.

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