Stewing, is the most traditional and oldest cooking methods for the chinese since the bronze age. It’s also believed that its one of the healthiest cooking method till date for the chinese, still vastly used in most modern kitchens in the urban sprawl despite many have permanently moved to the buzzling city away from the village in search for a better life and career. This design by Joyoung have fused modern design and elements of traditional chinese culture together to bring back the emotions of consumer’s home town and their love for traditional home cooked food. During the cooking process, steam emits from the undulating “mountains” on the cooking lid forming a sight of the farming civilization village and almost mimicking elements of a traditional chinese landscape painting at the same time. In terms of functionality, it is not only a kitchen appliance, but it also doubles up as a delicate piece of tableware which can be placed directly on the dining table. The sole benefit of this is, it emits the users from washing an additional tableware and saves the average chinese’s small kitchen some storage space at the same time.

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