The wedi Fundo Top is a sleek, finished surface for Fundo floor elements and a high-quality alternative to traditional tiling. The one-piece, seamless element is made of a 6 mm thick, high strength Mineral material with an elegant look and a very pleasant feel. The various Fundo Tops are perfect complement to the wedi Fundo Primo, Riolito neo and Plano floor elements. They are available in a variety of sizes and fit perfectly into any bathroom design in their four shades – white, beige, anthracite and grey.

As a 100% waterproof system component, the ready-to-install Fundo Top can be applied particularly easily and safely to the corresponding Fundo floor element and can be flexibly adjusted right up to final installation. The material always feels just the right temperature and, at the same time, is very durable. It is also capable of bearing a wheelchair with no problem. The non-slip and antibacterial surface ensures firm footing and maximum convenience while showering. This convenience is also reflected in the easy-to-clean and dirt-resistant surface.

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