The Scada Wall Drain from Kessel: new accents in bathroom design

Scada opens new possibilities in the design of modern bathrooms. The innovative models with 12V LED backlighting offer colors in red, green, blue or a continuously changing rainbow pattern. Cover designs are available in multiple options including the Wave model or the tileable cover in which the bathroom tiles can be placed creating an invisible look.
The total installation height from base of drain to the waterproofing flange is a mere 65mm but this compact design also offers top drainage performance of 0.5 liters per second. Included installation supports allow vertical as well as lateral adjustability of the entire drain in order to exactly meet the installation requirements. The Scada drain is equipped with three outlet choices which allow great flexibility. Additionally the drain can be order already installed in a pre-fab shower floor which reduces installation time on-site. Full access for easy cleaning and an acoustic value of 14dB(A) according to VDI4100 SST III sum of some of the drain’s advantages. The high quality polymers used for manufacture of course offer guaranteed corrosion resistance.

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