The renovation concept: showerboard POINT E65 and sliding doors LIGA. The concept allows the renovation of part of the bathroom with little effort, i.e. to change the deep shower tray and framed shower enclosure against a floor level tiled shower space and a shower enclosure with no bottom profile. With only 65 mm height the showerboard POINT E65 allows a floor level tiled shower in any situation of renovation which convinces of optic and price. The XPS board with special coating on both sides is watertight and can be tiled directly. The pre-installed high-quality drain technology allows water to flow off trouble-free. The profile reduced LIGA corner entry with sliding doors is perfectly suitable for the showerboard and available in standard height of 2 m and in standard sizes of the board. LIGA convinces of high quality and design for comparably low budget. All essential elements are made of metal, hinges, links and handles of elegant chrome. A special sealing strip ensures the splash water tightness at floor-level installation. The concept was developed in accordance with the principle of universal design and is suitable for public housing, hotels and private renovation.

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