NU: the new shower head where essentiality and innovation come together for a delicate balance of shapes and maximum performance
“Nu is a shower head, or rather it is a series of shower heads.
Nu is made of stainless steel
Nu is like a gyroscope
Nu is new
Nu is freedom”
NU is the new shower head designed by Davide Vercelli with elegant and minimalist shape: a rectangular stainless steel frame hang on to the wall on the long side or short side with inside a series of three small shower heads. Into the frame the three shower heads are suspended thanks to a metal ring and four hinges as a universal joint offering total freedom of movement. To complete three simple tubes in translucent silicone bring water to every single jets.
Born from a deep study of human dynamics, NU is a delicate balance of shapes, essential and iconic offering the best performance. An alternative to the normal vertical flow.Like a gyroscope, in fact, the three shower heads can can be oriented allowing the change of the water flow into the desired direction in order to have the perfect relax. NU is available in three variants, longitudinal, transverse, and suspended. Colors available are chrome and brushed nickel

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