The Mira Element shower couldn’t be simpler to use. This new design replaces the conventional flow control ring with an intuitive start/stop button presented centrally on the front face. Positioning the button on the front of the valve and within the rotary temperature control presented a significant engineering challenge that was overcome in order to make the shower as easy to understand and operate as possible. The unwavering focus of the design team was to ensure that the product delivered ease of use for anyone and the control set is as reassuringly smooth and light as it is intuitive to understand – making it ideal for everyone, young or old. The accompanying hand shower follows the same commitment to intuitive design with a soft touch spray face that presents a control to the hand as a peeling button form. This enables quick and easy switching between spray modes during showering with a seamless movement that prevents discomfort or damage to fingers and nails. Every aspect of the Element shower has been coherently designed with simplicity and tactility at the heart of the user experience.

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