As an amazing work of art, Megius presents
Icona, the shower solution that anticipates the future and opens new horizons in the shower design,
celebrating the triumph of glass.
Revolutionary proposal from the hotbed of ideas of Megius, Icona is an amazing shower cabin
characterized by a pure and refined essence and a bright and minimalist aesthetics, which, at the same
time, perfectly matches to any furniture style.
With a patent pending, the heart of Icona is the revolutionary joint of 8mm glass panels which are
specially cut to form a combination of slots and which intersect and fix perfectly with one another
with a system of transparent seals, thus creating combinations without profiles or shower supporting
With a height of 220cm, Icona will be available in the island version for pure glass
lovers, niche, corner or wall, which will have a wall profile in polished steel or linum finishing, both with a double fastening options.

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