Etac Relax a smooth wall mounted shower seat with arm supports.
Etac Relax has been created on the basis of being neat and smooth at the same time as it offers spacious room for sitting. The seat is designed as a large hinge where the attachment distributes the load against the wall on a big surface. It enables a seating area all the way to the wall as well as it leads to fewer anchors to drill when mounting.
The armrests are mounted directly into the seat hinge. It is made of sheer material that can easily be recycled. Welded polypropylene which gives it a solid feeling with absolutely smooth surfaces from all sides at the same time that it offers good manufacturing and material efficiency. The armrests have an aluminium base that is coated with Thermoplastic elastomer to provide friction, softness and a steady grip.
Seat shape is created based on ergonomic principles. It is angled 3 degrees and fitted with a careful hollow to be steady and comfortable. It has a multifunctional recess as an opportunity to access and/or different seating position.
Etac Relax shower seat is available in six different versions and two different colours. It can easily be adapted as needs chang

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