PALME DRIVE 1.0 PALME has developed a special magnetic guide for the DRIVE 1.0 door elements, which provides them with perfect sliding properties. Featuring extremely robust magnets instead of a guide mechanism, the door elements glide effortlessly and almost silently. Disturbing transverse profiles and brackets are nowhere to be found, meaning they cannot break either. Priceless too: the clever sliding elements which can be swung inwards, making them incredibly easy to clean. Moreover, a drip rail on the lower edge of the glass has been dispensed with altogether. This means that water runs off without a trace and no scale can form. Economical & ecological: In order to ensure the highest of standards, PALME concentrates all its planning, design and manufacturing activities at the Austrian headquarters of the family-run business. In addition to production, research and development also take place in-house, right next door to the production facility. This means that the company’s value creation stays in the country. For more than 40 years now.

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