The F&C Double Seal Drainage with Model-first Installation has two innovative designs, the double – seal inner core that prevents from stench and bacteria and the model-first installation, a user-friendly method.

The drainage adds a magnetic-seal above the traditional water-seal structure. When water becomes more than 24g, the magnetic-seal opens automatically for discharging; or it kicks back and closes, preventing from stench and bacteria. It solves 2 problems caused by water-seal. First, sewage deposited in water-seal easily engenders bacteria. Second, when a restroom is rarely used, spared sewage in water-seal will disappear, allowing stench and flies from drainpipes pollute the air. With stable magnetic kickback, gasket and antibacterial brass material, F&C Drainage secures a healthful indoor environment.

Besides, the Model-first Installation is an original method, which first installs the foam plastic model on the pipe before pouring concrete and tiling, then switch the model to the floor drain. There will be no scratches on the floor drain and clogged drainpipe caused by concrete. And the floor drain could be easily removed without digging tiles if it is nonfunctional.

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