Arysto is a premium shower enclosure system built with care and precision using the highest quality materials. It’s simple elegant structure uses light as a visual tool to reflect from stainless steel surfaces and refract through 10mm toughened glass. To create the ultimate feeling of quality, Arysto features a precision engineered twin-track sliding system which allows the 10mm toughened glass door to balance in perfect equilibrium. The ‘Airglyde’ mechanism distributes load evenly across four bearings resulting in an ultra-smooth rolling action, while all internal mechanisms are fully concealed providing a sleek seamless look inside and out, allowing for convenient cleaning. Each stainless-steel frame element is finished with smooth flowing curves, punctuated by crisp contemporary edges where each tiny detail has been carefully considered to reflect light while providing a resolved aesthetic form. Arysto can also be accented using premium mood lighting options including the ‘Halo’ handle, a unique interactive lighting feature that detects a user’s hand and offers a reassuring glow on each actuation, helping to create the ultimate luxury bathroom experience.

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