Unlike most bulky framed shower enclosures, the Arysto 8’s virtually frameless enclosure combines technical innovations with subtle design details to create an open, elegant shower. Faceted edges reflect light, reducing visual impact, while the refraction of the glass panels hides the ultra slim top rail, liberating the bathroom from bulky framework.
Merlyn’s ingenuity has allowed this technical leap. A minimal frictionless guide design has been developed to replace the industry standard top rail and wheel mechanism. A unique roller and rail system in the bottom track ensures minimum surface contact, creating an exceptionally smooth, effortless movement, enhancing the user experience.
The roller housing and track have an integrated adjustable soft-close system ensuring the door always reaches the fully closed and open position in a controlled, smooth, noise-free motion giving certainty and confidence to the user.
The wheels have been fitted with an innovative self-cleaning brush system, ensuring the exceptionally smooth movement is maintained over the products lifetime, saving time and effort cleaning and maintaining the roller system manually. Arysto 8 delivers premium appeal.

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