Artweger 360 represents a thoroughly designed series of shower enclosures, for all roomlayouts, modular and efficient. The completely new 360°-swinging hinge – as easily hinged in and out as non-swinging-showerdoors – enables maximum flexibility and convenience. For the first time a hinged door of a showerbooth can be flapped into parallel position to the fixed glasspanel – outwards as well as inwards. This is not only facilitating access, but clears space. According the trend to urbanisation this is a big issues for the future urban bathroom. The 360°-technology enables a more roomy experience even in limited spaces. The sophisticated bonding technique allows an elegant, flush finish of components. So the completely flat insides of glasspanels are not only part of the designapproach, but also easy to clean – in less time using less water. All components of the series feature a common formal language. Furthermore each single functional unit is expressed individually. This leads to a controlled and appealing design – down to the very detail. The inflated and rounded hinges, fixations and handles provoke a vivid balance to the plane glass of the enclosure.

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