A-Pex shower system Damixa presents A-Pex shower system – a new shower system that complies with Damixa’s design philosophy:”When design makes sense”. The shower system is simple and minimalistic and at the same time it has its own unique expression of head and hand shower. Designing a shower system is not an easy job, the result has to match both your interior and simultaneously function optimally in your everyday life. “In the development of the A-Pex shower system, which is designed by Anders Hermansen, there has been a strong emphasis on designing a beautiful shower system which complies with the already red dot winning mixer taps in the A-Pex series. A-Pex shower system lives up to what we call real Danish design – elegant, functional and with its’ own unique expression. It is worth mentioning that the A-Pex shower system has the new function called: “Dual shower” meaning that you can shower under the head and the hand shower at the same time with out compromising on the flow and the shower experience.

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