Whi-clean Nais is an eco-friendly cleansing device that maximizes energy efficiency based on the application of the green eco system. It provides 2 types of power saving modes (normal sleep/high sleep) that allows selection of power saving mode according to user convenience. With the optimum sleep mode setting based on the frequency of use, the hot water and temperature of the toilet seat are automatically controlled, which helps to prevent unnecessary energy consumption and high electricity bill. It is also applied with STT (Self Tuning Tech) that measures the constantly changing temperature during different seasons to automatically adjust the quantity of water spray. This function is to always maintain a constant water temperature. Furthermore, automatic nozzle disinfection system using high temperature water was applied to always maintain a clean nozzle that can easily get dirty. And as a function for children, the device operates without seating detection as well as providing the children’s function for controlling water pressure and maximum toilet seat temperature.

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