Sometimes, it is life’s little surprises that are such a joy. With ViClean-I 100, Villeroy & Boch has created a shower toilet whose revolutionary design is a continual source of pleasure:
Concealed almost invisibly in the ceramics, behind the elegantly purist exterior, is a high-quality shower toilet. Its lid is absolutely flat and surprisingly sleek, as the entire technology is integrated not in the seat, but within the ceramics.
ViClean-I 100 thus blends particularly elegantly into the inner architecture with high-quality materials that enhance its clear design: Ceramics, Quaryl® and duroplast.
The intuitive mode of use and the innovative shower functions that employ the gentle cleaning effect of clear water make it an absolute highlight in purist bathrooms.
The new HarmonicWave shower jet moves gently backwards and forwards in a lateral wave movement to provide a very pleasant and revitalising cleaning.
While the seat integrates an intelligent SoftClosing and QuickRelease function, the toilet’s unique DirectFlush technology allows a powerful and hygienic cleaning.
Discover the world’s first shower toilet in a stylish flat design.

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