Quite often a bathroom becomes a place that gives us a chance for some privacy, to be just with oneself. Hence, the use of simple forms that do not distract our thoughts and help to calm the senses. The organic minimalism of Thea wash basin has been enriched with a functional surface that may serve as a shelf for accessories or to install a tap. Thea design implements the outstanding features of cast marble, thanks to which all details can be emphasized. Its clear cut edges along with soft lines of the basin and smooth surface of the shelf underline technological capabilities. Thea offers comfort of use and merges ergonomics and high quality execution with attention to detail. In effect, the wash basin is functional and has a modern, elegant and timeless form. Thea is complemented with a bath tub, which refers to its shape. The straight line of bath’s wall has a recess, which serves as a functional shelf for cosmetics or to set up a tap.

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