The new, touch-free TECEfilo flush plate logically continues TECE’s use of architectural form in the urinal sector. Its compact dimensions and in particular its flat installation on the wall are unique on the market. Highlight of the design is a reinterpretation of the infra-red window, which TECEfilo no longer creates as a classical “eye”, but rather as a minimalist line. This blends in harmoniously with the overall composition without neglecting its display function in any way. For users, TECEfilo is clearly identifiable as a touch-free device. Various materials, such as plastic, glass and stainless steel mean that TECEfilo can serve every market segment and every application scenario – both for private bathrooms and public washrooms. The glass version in particular is popular in this context with its hygienic properties and seamless surface. With its clear use of form, design for every segment of the market and its choice of different models, TECEfilo will quickly become established as the planner’s favourite.

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