The project eveloped by GUSTAVO MARTINI, was Inspired by the city of Rio de Janeiro, to be produced in Italy by Flaminia and sold to the world. The idea was based on the contrast between the urban environment and the natural landscape, the technological and the handmade. Nowadays, the new generations seem deeply involved in a stressful atmosphere, thus the desire to scape becomes an eminent demand. As a result, the product was developed in two elements; the top part made in ceramic with irregular shapes suggesting a stone, and propose an innovative finishing combining the rough and matte external with a shiny interior. The base consists on a minimalistic metallic structure that evokes the rationality of the city, and the tap and the knob are designed to maintain unit of it. As result, the ceramic bowl lifted up by the pedestal creates the idea of an important moment for celebration of nature, that highlights the special instant when we are in contact with the clear water, the moment to refresh, purify yourself and renew your mind. The name is a result from the blend of the word Litho, that comes from the Ancient Greek that means stone and the word Rito, related to the ritual of being in touch with the water.

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