Revolutionary industrial design
In areas where the toilet is used frequently and by multiple people, it is important that both the seat and fittings can withstand heavy use.

With the Projecta Solid Pro, Pressalit has introduced a complete system for the project market, which not only improves stability, but also comfort and aesthetics.

A soft solution for a hard environment
As the first on the market, Pressalit can now offer an institution fitting with an integrated soft close. But don’t be fooled by its calm exterior. Behind the soft close function hides both strength and stability, even during sideways use. The combination of the aluminium pipe, plastic fittings and plinth produces an ultra strong and stable construction.

The Projecta Solid Pro has been subjected to thorough strength testing in
Pressalit’s test laboratory, and during its development was also field-tested in specific locations of intensive use and heavy-handed treatment.

Easy cleaning and Polygiene effect
The Projecta seat has a Polygiene effect, which provides bacteriostatic protection 24 hours a day.

The Projecta Solid Pro can be used with a wide range of toilet bowls.

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