Purpose and function:
Our purpose was to design a toilet seat for Ifö’s new toilet bowl, Spira. It had to fit the bowl perfectly, and have a contemporary mode of expression, with in-built functions such as Lift-off and Soft Close. With the Soft Close function, the Spira seat closes with a gentle movement, and during cleaning the lid is easily removed from the bowl thanks to the lift-off function.

The lines are pure, and yet lively and dynamic. The simple mode of expression is surprising in that it allows shape and function to blend in an elegant and streamlined look. Another mark of Holscher is the shape which has been accurately adapted to fit the toilet bowl and binds the seat and lid in a never-ending ribbon which associates to a hair needle. A detail that was very hard to meet technically. The design is a never-seen-before solution to a toiletseat. Light, elegant and modern. The gab between the seat and the lit besides being a design detail also function as a integrated handle when lifting the lit.

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