Although toilet should be a very private space, in quite a few public toilets, privacy has not been protected. To solve this problem requires urinal division. But it costs extra money and it is hard to put it in the small size toilet. When it comes to shape, most toilets have been stereotypically designed not breaking out of conventional way until today. However, toilets are no longer a place for only relieve physiological desire but they are turning into a pleasant environment where your eyes can be wide open. To achieve this, hygienic pottery needs a change. Getting motive from nature, with unique design Leaf Shield urinal is the start.

Leaf Shield is unique designed product from the nature phenomenon which two leaves are rolled and piled. Unlike stereotype urinal shape, Leaf Shield prevents other people’s gaze as it surrounds the user. This allows users feel comfortable and put it into small size toilets where urinal division would not fit.
We made difference using stainless steel for drain cover. Ceramic is fragile and plastic is vulnerable to pollution and color change. Strong at corrosiveness, stainless steel provide hygienic image with high quality impression.

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