Lifting the lid on the shower-toilet: uncompromising hygiene and a world first from LaPreva. What is the new LaPreva P2 hiding? Well, at first glance, you may miss the sheer scale of innovation behind the shower-toilet’s timeless design, since each cutting-edge element is seamlessly integrated into the ceramics. But it is precisely this unconventional concept of twinning comfort and functionality with understated elegance that makes LaPreva P2 a world first. LaPreva P2 is the hygiene-toilet among shower-toilets. Self-cleaning functions such as automatic decalcification and a unique thermal cleaning process, which uses water heated to 70°C to clean the water-bearing system, ensure uncompromising cleanliness, while the rimless ceramic bowl guarantees a fully hygienic experience. A detachable seat and lid, which can be removed in an instant for simple, thorough cleaning, complete the system’s ingenious design. The spray programme is easily adjusted using the multifunctional button or the touch-screen remote control, and LaPreva’s revolutionary, rapid click fitting means the system can be installed in a matter of moments. LaPreva P2 – pure comfort, sheer quality, uncompromising hygiene

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