Perfect together

The new KWC faucets & sinks.

KWC ERA is for people who demand absolutely high end products. With KWC ERA, we introduce faucets and sinks with a very minimalistic design, sleek proportions, high functionality and a fascinating high precision look. The sinks are equipped with a ghost overflow: this unique solution provides an overflow function that is not visible to the eye and states a flawless clean design. The faucets show perfect finishing and they come with exclusive accessories made of teak and stainless steel.

KWC ERA products have a very high precision approach: features like the unique, thin and glossy gravity rim and the invisible overflow turn every kitchen into a jewel.

KWC ERA faucets and sinks represent very clean and high class design. Look at the faucets: they have the smallest spout diameter and a very reduced formal design. The sinks come with the thinnest and most precise rim that is entirely integrated in the worktop. KWC ERA faucets and sinks match perfectly.

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