The KARING+ combines cutting-edge technology with a sleek design to take cleanliness and care of your body to a new level.

The embedded water filtration system ensures the user always has pure water for washing. A new air care feature deodorizes and kills bacteria in no time to guarantee a comfortable toilet experience. The bowl and wand are sanitized with an anti-bacterial solution and UV light after each use. The KARING+ guarantees you have an extremely hygienic toilet.

An embedded foot sensor provides a better user experience. Simply step on the LED lighting projected on the floor and the lid/seat will open/close automatically. There is no need to touch the lid or the seat, making it more hygienic. It is easy for men to open the seat, which is also a benefit for ladies.

An ergonomic seat effectively releases pressure points. The posture reminder feature gives users great motivation to be more natural and healthy. It is physically healthier and also mentally healthier.

The KARING+ is a sustainable product with low power consumption. It only uses 1 watt in a month while in the power-saving mode.

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