The design of the Toilet JANE is minimalist and reserved.In ergonomic character, common toilet seat surface with large radian is replaced by more flat surface and the seat is widened on stress area to eliminate the user’s leg fatigue while using the toilet. The seat is designed for below reason: With recent rapidly development of electronic products, people’s toilet habits have changed gradually. Most users carry and operate electronic products while using toilet, which takes more toilet time. In this situation, the human body bends forward to get change in its gravity center, feeling leg fatigue because of transfer in stress area from hip to legs. Water seal depth of excrement’s dropping area was adjusted to avoid users’ disgust at upright splash. In product itself, this product adopts jet siphonic flushing type with low noise. The seat and cover is slow closing. This product’s glaze with self-cleaning function is sterilization. Its excellent effect in function, water saving and environmental protection are all based on deep consideration and repeated verification.

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