The LED knob of TAKA Intelligent Toilet Seat K6+ tells you what is dead-simple, the most suitable hand-movement, pronation, supination, press to complete the basic four functions, Front ,Rear, Dry and Stop, rather than to dense button in the camp to find four keys. The unique-knob can be set light color to give you more options to fit for your different feelings. It allows and leads the users to operate freely even in dark room. K6+ provides easier way for smart function upgrading for traditional toilet, and more attractive for consumers, because of the lower price, easier installation, higher degree of matching pre-toilet, and convenient to use. K6+ design sense comes from the curve of car, and combines the human body engineering, to make users feel comfortable like sitting on the couch. K6+ APP provides more rich functions, such as time set to open and close seat heater automatically, and memory to different people using toilet habits. Especially for user data storage and analysis, such as using toilet frequency & time length, power & water usage, etc., to provide personal exclusive healthy advice & improve energy saving awareness.

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