Icon Hand Wash Basin is a robust product with a versatile and functional design that allows it to improve the total impression of the public toilet environment and will stand out without overwhelming the desired style of the room where it is installed. The Intra Icon Hand Wash Basin can be integrated in the total environment and help elevate the overall impression in relation to other specific design elements. It can be easily combined with other colors and materials. The customer gets a higher level of flexibility to define the total interior and reach his desired vision

Icon basins are delivered with a laser-cut outlet and with a special designed waste cover in stainless steel. The cover reflects the exact shape of the basin bowl – rectangular with soft, radii corners – and strengthen a uniform design in all elements of the product.

Icon is supplied with an untraditional square overflow with radii corners – again to complete the uniform design of the sink. The sink is delivered with a grinded surface finisht hat gives fine structure lines lengthwise in the sink. Undermounted in a Corean frame the sink appears to be very “light”, not dominating and “floating” in the room.

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