In daily life,toilet is one of the smart products to manage our most sensitive and most important parts.Therefore,in appearance,toilet should have a cleaner image than all of the rest products.Also,the toilet is a product used by people in a sitting state,when people sit on the toilet,they should experience as comfort and easeful a feeling as the seats.Starting from the above two perspectives,in the conceptual design,first of all,we endow the usability of “sitting” with the product.Meanwhile, we make it easier for the toilet to”be used conveniently”. Intelligent toilet uses water gun hip fashion and after washing with water, toilet paper by saving the environment is protected, and allow users to enjoy the warm water will bring fresh feeling,reduce constipation and hemorrhoids.While addressing the elderly and pregnant women as well as the inconvenience caused to bend over the toilet suffering patient,also to avoid the intense winter cold to stimulate the seat to the human body.

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