Hygiene meets elegance The CWS Paradise Cleanseat PRO marks a new toilet hygiene era in washrooms. With its fully automatic cleaning and disinfection function, the toilet seat satisfies the most stringent requirements in terms of hygiene and contemporary design. A sensor integrated in the device registers every visitor, even if he/she does not actually touch the toilet seat. This ensures that the Cleanseat PRO always cleans reliably. When someone enters the cubicle, the blue, illuminated display “CLEAN” shows that the seat is fresh and clean. If desired, the cleaning procedure can also be triggered manually via a sensor. Together, the high-capacity cartridge and reserve tank hold sufficient disinfection liquid for around 5,000 cleaning cycles. Once the seat switches over to the reserve tank, a discreet light alerts the service personnel to the low fill level. The CWS Paradise Cleanseat PRO can be simply retrofitted to conventional toilet bowls and is easy to clean. CWS offers the toilet seat with a flexible rental model, takes on both the installation and maintenance and supplies all necessary consumables.

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