The Cleanet Riva shower toilet scores high with an integrated, high-quality ceramic design and technically sophisticated, user friendly solutions. Laufen has brilliantly managed to entirely integrate the technology in the enclosed ceramic body and to create a timeless aesthetic for exclusive bathroom interiors. Centrepiece of the premium-WC is the vast array of intuitively operable shower functions. Cleanet Riva adopts a clever two-level operating concept: Everyday operation of the shower toilet is by turning and pressing the lateral rotary stainless steel button. The remote control with touch screen allows the user to adjust basic and detailed settings. Cleanet Riva is the only shower toilet which, in addition to the multi-level hygiene concept, thermally cleanses the entire water-carrying system on a regular basis. The ease of cleaning is also assured by the seamless design and the stain-resistant ceramic surface finish LCC as well as by the easily removable seat and lid. In addition, Cleanet Riva distinguishes itself thanks to powerful and efficient rimless flushing.

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