Its ergonomically-designed control panel presents a new concept for the bidet.
The conventional film type is converted into a more familiar button type, and the changes in material and structure add a new, comfortable and sophisticated touch to the design. Previously, buttons are pressed only when fingers place a strong vertical pressure on them, straining the knuckles. Now, just a light touch with a thumb can control the buttons, thus relieving any unnecessary strains. The control panel is lengthened so that users can comfortably control the device without fully turning around to face the panel.
A handle on the bidet cover allows the user to easily open the body without worrying about dirtying their hands.
Clean maintenance of the device is also a major priority in the overall. The control panel is mostly sloped (except for a few areas that should not be sloped) to minimize contamination such as water puddles on the surface, and the internal compartments of the body are completely covered to keep away external contaminants.
Air-pump technology and whirring water jets conserve water consumption but provide a gentler and more refreshing cleansing experience.

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