The BASH24 is a digital bidet that automatically washes after defecation/urination.
We developed jet nozzles to help users with their anal health in cooperation with a medical institution and sought advice from an Oriental medicine institute to add a heat feature to improve circulation..
The BASH24 can also be used without hygiene concerns as it uses electrolytically sterilized water to automatically clean the flow channels, nozzle and bowl.
We added a protruding edge for users who felt it was unhygienic to hold the cover and lift, and upper bar mood lighting helps users safely use this product even without turning on the bathroom light.
Our bidet design uses a minus curve to project a neat, refined image.
As the BASH24 inherits a design identity, it has added convenience features with its aesthetic beauty and design.
We use matte film for the controls, adding emotional satisfaction as matte film doesn’t reflect light as glossy film does, so visibility doesn’t suffer.
Users are notified of the bidet’s special sitz bath and thermotherapy features as they are in operation by dimming red and blue lighting on the controls.

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