The BASH30 is a digital bidet that automatically washes after defecation/urination. This bidet, designed in collaboration with a medical institution, has a washing stream nozzle to consider users’ anal health. It helps with anal cleansing and health via its clean wash and gentle stream.
The BASH30 automatically sterilizes the flow channels, nozzle, and seat (bowl) using electrolysis to enhance hygiene and periodically sprays foaming detergent on the bowl to clean tough stains. This bubble shower feature with rotating spray automatically cleans the porcelain bowl to keep it hygienic. Detergent is supplied through a cartridge. The initial product design proposed attaching opaque cartridges under the controls, but as users found them inconvenient to replace and this method did not emphasize the bidet’s unique core features, the cartridges were moved to the upper rear of the controls and made transparent so users could clearly ascertain how much detergent remained. The BASH30 radiates masculine chic with its dynamic edge design, and the front cover lip protrudes about 10 mm to serve as a handle when opening the cover. This design means it can be used hygienically with an easy mind.

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