With the innovative cleaRing addition, Isvea transforms a regular WC into B+, a versatile WC which can be used in public toilets as well as private bathrooms. It is small, it is hygenic, it is environmentally friendly and it is easy to clean …
B+ is designed for small bathrooms… B+ WC has a smaller wall-hung pan compared to a regular WC. Its round compact form offers an effective use of space even in the smallest public toilet booth as well as in a private bathroom with very limited area.
B+ is hygenic…The new B+ CleaRing WC has no rim. With no hidden rim, it means there’s simply nowhere for germs to hide. Another reason why B+ is ideal for public bathroom applications.
B+ is environmentally friendly…The Hygienic design of B+ WC makes it easy to clean the bowl–This reduces the water usage as well as the need to use bathroom chemicals harmful to the environment.
B+ is easy to clean…Regular cleaning is simpler than ever before–a quick wipe over with a cloth will be enough for a sparkling bathroom.

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