The AXENT.ONE C inspires through its simplicity and puts an intuitive use of the shower toilet in the focus. The design language of AXENT.ONE C is balanced, extremely clear and reduced. Floor standing – only the essential is visible. The lid granted, despite the exceptional reduced height, enough space to all the technology and works with a soft-closing effect.
The innovative, invisible technology is concentrated in a single control dial – the ONE Solution = a simple, aesthetic multifunctional knob. All relevant settings for the shower process, such as starting and stopping of washing, selecting water temperature or water volume are precisely adjusted by the ONE Solution, and can be regulated effortlessly by a simple twist.
Additional functions can be activated with the iconic ONE.DIAL remote control which can be placed around the toilet.
The flushing is based on the AXENT tankless technology, a combination of the “Venturi” system and the AXENT Airless Siphon Technology, who gives a powerful water flush without the need of a tank. About 25% less water will be used compared to a traditional system.

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