ActiClean is the self-cleaning toilet that combines the power of the exclusive VorMax Flushing technology – delivering the cleanest flush ever engineered – with a fully integrated, user-activated self-cleaning system. ActiClean offers the choice of a one-minute Quick Clean or a 10-minute Deep Clean. When activated, cleaning solution is released into the bowl with the powerful VorMax jetted force and soaks for the selected amount of time. Then the system automatically siphons and rinses the bowl with water.

The high-efficiency VorMax flush uses a single powerful jet of 1.28 gallons of water to scrub the entire bowl with and has been independently verified to clean the bowl two times better than conventional toilets (verified by IAPMO R&T Labs Test Report No. 109-141486-002).

To further simplify cleaning, a sleek CleanCurve Rim omits the dirt-trapping rim cavity and holes inside the bowl. The EverClean permanent finish inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew on the surface so the toilet stays cleaner longer. All cleaning system components are discreetly hidden from view, yet are easy to access when the user needs to change batteries or the cleaning cartridge.

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