We invest more than ever in personal tech and well-being products but oral health is overlooked resulting in cheap
and gimmicky toothbrushes. TOOTHBRUSH byDEFAULT takes a new approach to make good brushing practice easier,
improve hygiene, reduce waste, be affordable to all and make brushing your teeth something people take more
seriously thanks to its premium design.
Every user has unique style and brushing needs so our modular design contains an Interchangeable handle to allow
you to choose from 3D printed, Aluminum or Wood variants, to achieve a look and feel that encourages you to use it
regularly and in comfort. An optional Smart Vibration Module gives the user a choice between manual and electric without
compromise on size and cost and hidden smart features can be unlocked in future firmware updates by the user. A Replaceable subscription head comes with a tongue cleaner and a fresh head is
delivered to your door every three months to remind you to change it before becoming ineffective. The travel mount
cap uses micro suction film to attach to any gloss surface, providing a hygienic and convenient method of storage and
acting as a travel cap when taking your brush with

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