Toothbat – WOW is a dental floss holder inspired by sport cars, can provide the user an incredible easy and efficiency experience of flossing.
Patented four arms design builds up a 3-directional floss structure which can reach every tooth with different array easily.
The handle is equipped with “Twister technology”, a unidirectional rotation mechanism, can ensure a sufficient tension of floss structure for removal of food debris and plaques even greater than hand flossing.
The curved handle with streamline grooves enhances the force of grip.
The 6 degree inclination stand and various colour choices, WOW is both of decorative and functional element to every bathroom.
Unlike the common one-off dental floss picks, WOW is reusable and durable. It is an environmental and economically friendly product as it only consumes a little of floss each time.

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