This packaging is uniquely and ergonomically designed for precise application of the tattooist liquid formula that provides perfect user experience. The package design brings out a feminine finish sense of contemporary rendering with a precise metallic cap. The form of luxury oval stands out to the overall design. A concept of an elegant refined style exemplifies exclusivity and fine quality. This smart applicator enables user to pick-up right amount of the formula. The Benefits: This effortless liquid eyeliner features a unique combination of two film-forming polymers that make every look last. The ultimate eye defining tool with sleek ergonomic design contours to your hand for the perfect grip and a precise line every time you apply. It is easy to use finger-tip grip gives you complete control to line and define eyes. The point of Tattooist Liquid stands out for easy grip functionality and the design of contemporary rendering with the metallic cap. The design of Tattooist Liquid is harmonized with functionalized benefits and stylish aspects. According to this, our design philosophy shows the outcomes and performance with ergonomic design and practical usage.

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